The Sun is Brightest in Barcelona☀️

  Seriously, the sun is brighter in Barcelona than anywhere else in the world. No, I don't have scientific proof for this, but it just looks really, really bright, pretty and vibrant there, okay?

  I was eager to get to the Spanish city because it was supposed to be super warm, I'm talking 75-80 degrees. The weather had been nice in Paris, but for me, the warmer the better. From the moment we stepped foot in Barcelona, an overwhelming calm washed over me. We had been moving pretty fast in Amsterdam and Paris, but in Barcelona everything seemed to slow down.


  It reminded me of a warm, childhood summer. You know, when you'd hang out with your cousins on the stoop eating popsicles and talking about a bunch of nothing. It felt like that. So, anywho, we stayed on a quiet block just a few miles from Plaça de Catalunya and our room was so little that I had to kneel most of the time so I wouldn't hit my head! But that's neither here nor there, because my main focus was the bed. As much as I loved traipsing around Amsterdam and Paris, it did take a lot out of me and I took a glorious nap in Barcelona.


   When Jaselle and I were all refreshed, we headed to the beach -- Jaselle's most favorite place on earth. It was a bit chilly that evening so we didn't swim, but Jaselle and I had the time of our lives joking, taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere by the water. 

   Side note: SPEAKING OF PHOTOS! I persuaded Jaselle to wear purple lipstick (anyone who knows the makeup-free beauty knows that she doesn't much care for lipstick) and I took the world's most BOMB photo of her -- which you can see here :) 


   We had dinner the first night at a beach-side restaurant. I ate steak and seafood and felt so super fancy. It was the perfect first day in Barcelona. 

   Day two began with a wonderful breakfast on the terrace. Jaselle and I went to a few bakeries near the house and grabbed some pastries and sandwiches. We spent the morning eating and laughing on the beautiful terrace, with the sub beating down. It was wonderful.

   Then, it was back to the beach, of course! One of the first thing my Americanized self noticed on the shore was that people were very free. Women went topless, babies went without diapers, men wore little to nothing. And it was great and beautiful to see everyone so carefree in that way -- it was like a breath of fresh air. So, after some time hanging in the water with Jaselle, I figured I'd go topless too. 


   I'm pretty socialized, so I didn't go all out. I simply had Jaselle snap a shot of me topless from behind. The photo came out great! I even did a bit of slow-motion running on the beach. Which brings me to my next focus: the cat-calling.

  Spanish men are, um, forward. From the moment I got to the beach, I group of what looked to be teenage boys couldn't help but yell things to me like "I'm in love with you," "Woo! I love your body," and "I like your pussy" -- that one was pretty confusing.

  Jaselle and I ignored them and continued about our day. Naturally, we were pretty hungry after the beach, and Jaselle introduced me to Tapas -- little finger-foods popular in Spanish cuisine. 

  During our time in Barcelona, we went to clubs, went shopping, relaxed at the beach and so much more!

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