Airline Staff Made Fun of My StutteršŸ˜’

  I didn't pick up on the customer service representative's mockery initially, but it was crystal clear when I struggled to ask my question a second time. 

"Um, um, um," the evil, pointy-faced lady said with a laugh, mocking my stutter. I explained to her that I have a speech impediment. At this, she held up her hand and turned to speak to my friend.

"The one who speaks properly should speak," she said. 


 I hadn't heard the horror stories about traveling with Ryanair before my friend and I decided to use the airline. But I wish I had known about their poor reputation before we attempted to board our London-bound flight from Athens.

This is the evil lady (I told y'all her face was mad pointy)

This is the evil lady (I told y'all her face was mad pointy)

  We checked in the day before to avoid the hassle of both having to pick up our boarding passes at the airport and having to wait to head to our gate. Our boarding passes from the airline would usually show up on our smart phones, but with the airport's poor wifi, we couldn't load our documents.

  "Ma'am, here is our confirmation number. We checked in online. As your policy states, could we have our passes printed out?" my friend asked one staff member.

   The woman told us the fee to print the boarding pass would be ā‚¬15. Of course, we protested, noting that their policy ensures us a boarding pass at no cost. 

 We spoke with another official, who gave us vastly different information. Between the two exchanges and a brief airport emergency (all passengers and airline officials were asked to leave the airport for a reason we still do not know). 

  With about 20 minutes before our flight, my friend rushed to speak with a man who was rude and patronizing. He left her in tears. He told my friend that although he saw our boarding passes in the airline's system he would charge us to print them solely because we inconvenienced him by coming to him 20 minutes before our flight.

   We purchased the boarding passes -- we were charged ā‚¬80 and still missed our flight. We went to speak with a customer service representative -- the evil, pointy-faced lady I told you guys about. After she ridiculed me and did her best to give us a hard time, I told her that we would be filing a complaint, particularly noting her disrespect.

   I never got an apology from her. She never showed any signs of remorse. Oh, and she charged us more than $300 for a new flight to London. 

   Needless to say, we've filed a complaint.