This past weekend was amazing! My best friend, Patrice, came to visit! Patrice is one of my oldest, dearest friends. We've been friends since college and she's one of my favorite people. 

   Anywho, I don't think about my speech much when I'm with Patrice, but I wanted to examine that for you all this week.

   In speech therapy and conversations about my impediment, I'm often asked if I'm more fluent around my friends and family -- people I'm the "most comfortable" with. I often answer no, but I have to admit that I do have less major blocks and repetitions when speaking with Patrice.

  My stutter is pretty severe and I do find myself having more, lengthier fluent moments when I speak with my best friend. But I still stutter, often and quite severely. I guess the biggest difference is that, with Patrice, I hardly think about my stutter or my speech at all.

   Usually when I'm speaking, my stutter comes to mind -- whether voluntarily or involuntarily. I wonder which technique I could use to speak more effectively, I wonder which words I could substitute in place of the ones I'd really like to say (I know, I know. I'm working on that).

   However, when I'm hanging out with my best friend, talking about everything from work and our careers to fashion and men, I hardly think of my stutter. I believe this is because I've known her for so long, and have such a close relationship with her that I know my stutter is not, nor will it ever be, a concern in any way shape or form.

   Of course, I still stutter around her, but neither of us think much of it. She's patient and understanding and I am with her.

   To all of my stutter buddies, do you guys have at least one person you share this experience with? Is there anyone in your life who you've found you think of your stutter less when you're with them?