10 Memes That Perfectly Summarize the Life of a Stutterer

  As anyone who reads my blog knows, I love a good meme. Since we're using memes for everything from "friendship goals" to the presidential election, I figured the  images would be the perfect way to portray the life of a stutterer! Enjoy!

1. When It's National Stuttering Awareness Day and Nobody Gets You Anything

2. When a Little Kid Laughs at Your Stutter But Their Parents Aren't Around

3. When Bae Says Your Stutter is Cute

4. When Your Friend Invites You Out to Dinner But You Get There and See A Group of People 

5. How People Be When You Stutter and Make a Funny Face

6. How Your Friends Be When You Get Through an Entire Sentence Without Stuttering

7. When You Love and Support Your Friend Who Stutters and Watch Them Succeed in Life Despite Their "Disability"

8. When You Ask God to "Take Away" Your Stutter

9. How Stutterers Be When the Teacher Say "Does Anyone Wanna Volunteer to Read?"

10. When Someone Calls You an "Inspiration"