NSA One Day Conference in New York This May!

We havin' a conference, y'all!

We're having a one-day conference for stutterers and those who are interested in learning more about the impediment on May 15th.

We've set up a Crowdrise site to, you know, get some moneys, please visit and donate if you can so we can make this the best conference eva!


"People who stutter come from all walks of life. But many of us have one thing in common: We grew up feeling broken – and in need of a fix.

The NYC Chapters of the National Stuttering Association firmly believe that stuttering is okay. We know that when people who stutter come together, great things happen. Our volunteer-run support groups throughout the city are always free to the public.

On Sunday, May 15th, in an effort to nurture our thriving New York-area community, we will hold our FIRST annual conference in the city. It will be a day to support, educate, and empower stutterers as we explore the "Past, Present, and Future of Stuttering" together. But we cannot do it without your help.

Our group is entirely volunteer-run and our events are low cost because we believe that support and empowerment should be accessible to all. Anything you can donate will go a long way toward helping people who stutter."

CiCi Adams