Let's Talk About Dating, Shall We?! (Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!)

  So, it's Valentine's Day and I'm sure you all have super important Valentine-y things to do like "take his a-- to Red Lobster," engage in sexual activities or, most romantically, cuddle your cat(s). With all that said, I'll keep this post short.

   Dating is difficult for anyone, but when you factor a stutter in to the equation, the difficulty level increases immensely.

  I'll be honest with you guys, in my teenage years, I never let my inability to speak fluently hinder my love life (side note: when you're a teenager, do you really have a love life?)

   It wasn't until I got to college that I became hyper-aware of my stutter when it came to men. I wondered if men would like a girl with a stutter. I wondered if it would have an impact on my romantic relationships. And I was afraid. I'll be honest, I was really scared, but I pushed myself into the dating world anyway, resolving that the reward would be greater than the risk.

  And it was.

   Eventually, I met a guy, he proved himself worthy (*insert diva hair flip*) and we started dating. Our relationship was pretty lengthy and filled with a lot of great times that I will always cherish. From that relationship and my experiences with men afterward, I got a shocking revelation: my stutter isn't that big of a deal.

   I know, that sounds a bit condescending. But listen, child, if someone doesn't give you the time of day because you stutter they are A) not worthy of your time and B) stupid-- that's right, stupid. 

  There are many issues that plague a 21st century relationship, and there are an equal (if not greater) number of things that make them wonderful.

To all my stutter buddies: don't let your speech cause you to miss out on those things.

To all my fluent speakers: don't be one of those time-wasting, stupid people I mentioned above.

  I'll leave you with this (see? I told you this would be a short post). Even without a stutter, dating and relationships are bound to teach you and grow you. With a stutter, you're bound to grow even more.

  Don't let your stutter be the thing that holds you back (from dating or absolutely anything else in life). You owe it to yourself to live your best life. Don't be afraid! Go for it! 

 Now, excuse me while I go cuddle my cats.