#StutterProblems: The Struggle is Real

  In honor of my launching this blog, I've decided to compile a brief list of some everyday struggles a stutterer deals with-- hence the title #stutterproblems. 

  I mean, of course, there are the years of ridicule, guilt, shame, struggle to find a job, the seasons of depression and general anxiety (little things like that)-- but, you know, we won't talk about all that today.

  To all my stutterers: I'm sure you'll be able to relate to this list.

  To all my fluent speakers: Let me school you.


1. When someone stops shaking your hand, but you're not done introducing yourself (Like, I'm not done, fam)

2. When you're trying to explain to someone that you stutter, but you can't because you're stuttering too much

3. When that one wise guy asks if you forgot your name


4. When people think you're stuttering because you're nervous around them (You ain't all that, don't flatter yourself)

5. When someone tries to finish your sentence, but they get it wrong so you have to start over

6. When people say, "I stutter sometimes too" (You ain't about this life)

7. That pesky, little "If there was a pill to cure stuttering would you take it" question

8. When people wanna pray over your stutter (I'm good, Deacon Myra. I'm good)

9. When you're smarter than everyone in the room, but you stutter

10. The way stutterers are portrayed in media

11. When people say, "just think about what you wanna say before you say it"

12. When it's almost your turn to read in class, so you pretend you have to go to the bathroom

13. When it's winter and people think you're stuttering because you're cold

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